Choosing The Right Pocket Sheath Clip

Updated May 23rd 2023 - Re: New Delta Titanium pocket clips.

Both from an aesthetic perspective and a functional point of view, the clip is the central component of a pocket sheath. 

The clip determines the type of pocket sheath, its advantages and disadvantages, and how well it functions in everyday carry life. Here are the various clip options available here at Delta Sheath along with their pros and cons.

Mummert Clip - This is the best all-around clip option. The Mummert clip is made of titanium and can be used as a pocket or belt clip. Constructed thick enough to handle daily life in the pocket or on the belt. The hold on the belt is solid, and the hold on the pocket is second only to the UltiClip in pocket-holding strength. The rounded edges provide a user-friendly experience as there are no sharp edges. This clip has the least likelihood of breaking and is easy to replace if it ever does break. The best investment in your pocket carry/everyday carry setup. 


• Very strong clip 

• Belt or pocket carry 

• Removable and replaceable


• Price 

• Not ambidextrous (right- and left-hand models available)

UltiClip - The UltiClip is your #1 option if your priority is for the sheath to stay put in your pocket while drawing the knife. The UltiClip clamps down onto your pocket seam like nothing else. Ideal for outdoor/workshop/first responder environments. 


• Locks onto your pocket and stays there during unsheathing. All other clips will release your pocket during unsheathing before this one does. 


• Can be abrasive to your surroundings. Customers have mentioned instances of scratching furniture, etc.

NEW Delta Titanium Pocket Clip - The new standard for pocket sheaths from Delta Sheath. These are custom made for us by hand in solid titanium with an elegant satin finish. The thicker build provides a stronger grip than the previous spring steel clips.


• Stronger and thicker than previous steel clips

• Domestic enough for careful indoor use


• Does not keep sheath in pocket during draw until leather is well broken-in.

Magnetic Clip Assembly - As seen on the Insider line of pocket sheaths.


• Will not scratch your furniture. 


• The strong magnet may stick to your fridge or any other steel object as you walk by. 

• Least pocket holding. You will have to remove the sheath and knife from your pocket for sheathing and unsheathing for an extended time before the tight leather breaks in. 

• Not suitable for those with pacemakers.

Mar 19th 2023 Delta Sheath

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