Delta TrueLock™ Mini Pocket Sheath

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  • Delta TrueLock Mini Leather Sheath. Pocket Sheath. Black Hermann Oak Leather.
  • Delta TrueLock Mini Leather Sheath. Pocket Sheath. Burgundy English Bridle Leather.
  • Delta TrueLock Mini Leather Sheath. Pocket Sheath. Black Skirting Leather.
  • Delta TrueLock Mini Leather Sheath. Pocket Sheath. Brown Skirting Leather.
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The Delta TrueLock™ Pocket Leather Sheath is one of the best pocket sheaths in the market.

Small and lightweight to present the least bulk when carried.

Features integrated UltiClip that ensures a very secure hold. Once clamped to the seam of your pocket, it will not come out until you intentionally unclip it and remove it.

The Delta TrueLock™ Mini is compatible with the following knives:

LT Wright Daily Carry
Bradford Guardian 3
Bradford Guardian 3.5
Bradford G-Necker
White River Hunter
White River M1 series
White River Small Game
White River Firecraft 3.5
ESEE Izula
ESEE Xancudo
Ka-bar Eskabar
Ka-bar Becker Necker
Ka-Bar Forged Wrench Knife
Ka-Bar Snody Boss
Benchmade Pardue Hunter
Benchmade Puukko
Gerber Principle
Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord Knife
Gerber EXO-MOD Caper
TOPS Knives Mini Scandi 2.5
TOPS Knives Bull Trout
TOPS Knives Street Scalpel
Cold Steel Click-N-Cut
Cold Steel Pendleton Lite Hunter
Ontario Old Hickory Fish & Small Game
Battle Horse Jump Jak
Battle Horse Frontier First
Battle Horse Frontier Valley
LT Wright Skeleton Key
LT Wright Small Swoop
LT Wright Great Plainsman
LT Wright Stealth
LionSteel M4
LionSteel B35
Fallkniven F1
Bark River Ultra Lite Bushcrafter
Bark River Adventurer II
Bark River Mini Aurora
Bark River Bravo EDC
Bark River PSK EDC
Bark River Classic Utility Caper
Bark River Fox River
Bark River JX6 Companion
Bark River North Country EDC
Bark River Fingerling
Bark River Bravo Necker II
Bark River Essential I & II (Essential I carries deep)
Bark River Moutaineer II
Bark River Mini Kephart
Bark River Ringtail
Bark River Donnybrook
Bark River Bird & Trout

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