Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long does it take for my order to ship?

A: As of late it is taking up to two full weeks between order placement and shipping.


Q; Do you accept Bitcoin or Ethereum payments?

A: Yes! We accept both Bitcoin and Ethereum payments. Please contact us for the appropriate address.


Q: Where is Delta Sheath located?

A: Munising, Michigan USA.


Q: Do you accept custom work?

A: Unfortunately we do not take on custom work. - However, we know a number of other very talented leather workers who do custom work and would be happy to refer you to them. Please reach out if you need a list with their contact information.


Q: Will you modify a sheath (bigger, smaller, wider, narrower, longer, shorter, etc.)?

A: We are happy to entertain ideas for customization of our existing products from a color or leather type perspective. However, size is a different matter. All of our sheaths are made with dies which only make pieces of a single size. This allows us to offer our customers a consistent product each and every time. However, we cannot make modifications to the size of the sheaths in any way.


Q: Will you use a customer provided clip?

A: We have done this in the past and the results were less than stellar. All of our products that accept a clip have been designed around the clips that they already come with. As such, we no longer accept customer provided hardware or clips to build our products with.


Please contact us if you do not see you question listed. We update this section often.