About Us

Delta Sheath was founded in July of 2019 and is located in Munising, Michigan USA.

Everything available for sale on this website is 100% hand made here at our workshop with USA sourced components. We are a small, family owned American business with small town values and work ethic.


About Our Leather Sheaths

Our Leather Sheaths are 100% handmade from high quality full-grain leather right here in Michigan, USA. All our natural veg-tan leather is carefully selected from the highest quality sides produced by Wickett & Craig or Hermann Oak Leather. The only two tanneries that remain in USA which focus on top shelf vegetable tanned leather.

The smooth leather keeps your knives as beautiful as the day they were purchased. The edges of our leather sheaths undergo a unique, multi-step burnishing process to create a hard wearing and glass-smooth finish that will last many years to come. 

All of our leather sheaths which may have internally exposed stitching inside the sheath have said stitching protected to avoid accidentally cutting them when you sheath your knife. No detail has been left unattended. 

When you purchase your leather sheath from Delta Sheath, you can be certain that extra care has been taken to ensure proper function and the best, highest quality product is in your hands.


About Our Leathers

Most of our leather sheaths can be made in three main types of leather. 

  • Skirting Leather 
  • English Bridle Leather
  • Hermann Oak Leather 

Skirting Leather – This type of veg-tanned leather is the trusty, tried and true leather you see in most good leather sheaths these days. Delta Sheath purchases all its skirting leather from Wickett & Craig in Curwensville, Pennsylvania.

Right now, we carry skirting leather in black and chestnut. Soon we will be expanding the color options of this leather for our customers to include russet, burgundy and brown as well. This is high quality leather that is very well suited for general purpose, utilitarian knife sheaths.

English Bridle Leather – This type of veg-tanned leather is incredibly appealing! Smooth and buttery feel with rich, even color. This leather is also sourced directly from Wickett & Craig in burgundy and dark brown. This is a very nice material upgrade for your leather sheaths.

Hermann Oak Leather – Hermann Oak Leather is based out of St. Louis, MO and they make a variety of very high quality veg-tanned leathers. The one we are referring to with the term "Hermann Oak" in item descriptions is their drum-dyed tooling leather which is only available in black and dark brown. Their unique tanning recipe produces a type of veg-tanned leather that is unlike anything else, and it is a wonderful material to make very long lasting and overbuilt leather sheaths with.

This leather has the rare quality of looking good while being quite tough as well. More resistant* to water and the elements than the other types of leather and when used in friction-retention sheaths like the Delta Shield line, it provides retention longer than both skirting and bridle.

*Resistant. Not proof! All leather is susceptible to water and moisture.

New Leather Types – R&D is always on-going. We have several experimental sheaths made with other types of veg tanned leather to see how they hold up over time and if it ultimately makes sense to offer those materials as options to our customers.