Delta Sheath

Delta Gentleman's™ Shield Two-Tone Pocket Leather Sheath

Made to order.
  • Delta Gentleman's™ Shield Two-Tone Pocket Leather Sheath
  • Delta Gentleman's™ Shield Two-Tone Pocket Leather Sheath
  • Delta Gentleman's™ Shield Two-Tone Pocket Leather Sheath


This is the Delta Gentleman's™ Shield Pocket Leather Sheath with new Titanium pocket clips from Delta Sheath.

This two-toned version is made with chestnut English Bridle for the body and russet skirting for the clip assembly accented with champagne thread color.

Internal pocket is 5-5/8" deep and 1-3/8" wide.

Please Note: The Delta Gentleman’s™ line are designed and intended to be used as pocket sheaths only. They are not intended to be worn on the belt. Also, unsheahting the knife will require the entire sheath/knife to come out of your pocket for safe unsheathing. 

See examples of different colors and types of leather here.

If you would like this sheath, but without a clip, check out our Dutch™ Series pocket sheaths here.

For help selecting a pocket sheath clip see our blog post here.

We only use 100% vegetable tanned leather in all of our sheaths regardless of leather color/type selected.



Compatible with the following knives:

LT Wright Daily Carry
Bradford Guardian 3
Bradford Guardian 3.5
Bradford G-Necker
White River M1 series
White River Small Game
White River Firecraft 3.5
ESEE Izula
ESEE Xancudo
Ka-bar Eskabar (Thin welt)
Ka-bar Becker Necker (Thin welt)
Ka-Bar Forged Wrench Knife (Thin welt)
Ka-Bar Snody Boss
Benchmade Pardue Hunter
Gerber Principle
Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord Knife (Thin welt)
Gerber EXO-MOD Caper (Thin welt)
TOPS Knives Mini Scandi 2.5
TOPS Knives Bull Trout
TOPS Knives Street Scalpel
Cold Steel Click-N-Cut
Battle Horse Jump Jak
Battle Horse Frontier Valley
LT Wright Skeleton Key (Thin welt)
LT Wright Great Plainsman
LT Wright Stealth
Bark River Ultra Lite Bushcrafter
Bark River Adventurer II
Bark River Mini Aurora
Bark River Bravo EDC
Bark River PSK EDC
Bark River Classic Utility Caper
Bark River JX6 Companion
Bark River Fingerling
Bark River Bravo Necker II
Bark River Essential I & II (Essential I carries deep)
Bark River Moutaineer II
Bark River Mini Kephart
Bark River Ringtail
Bark River Bird & Trout

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Warranty Information

Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
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